Like most birding bloggers, if I could pick one thing to be known for, I'd pick: fish videos. To that end, I doubled-down on my Thursday carp captures by grabbing a couple more clips yesterday.

I didn't actually see it happen, but I think this fish stranded itself, jumping out of the water to catch a bug or something (whatever fish jump for) and landing on concrete. Talk about an "oh shit" moment. I noticed it flopping around, catching some impressive air, but lacking direction. I hustled over and caught this quick shot as it was losing steam.
I guess this is some kind of trout. (If you know fish, help me out with the deets?) Like most things aquatic in L.A., it's not a natural occurence; these guys are stocked by the California Department of Fish & Game. Anyway, I know the suspense is killing you: No, I did not let the poor bastard die on the dock. With my hot new kicks from New Balance, I pushed it gently back into the water.... where it proceeded to float slowly, upside-down, up to the surface. Uhhhh.....

Well, then this happened:
Vaya con dios, little trout.


03/24/2013 5:26pm

So ... wait, this happened in the L.A. River? That would be very big news, indeed.

03/24/2013 9:32pm

Oh - sorry, I shoulda specified. No, this was at the fishing lake up at Hansen Dam. Thanks for reading, by the way. I've been going back through your posts about the river, really interesting stuff.


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