Last night I had the perfect post all set to go – seriously, all I had left to do was click “publish” – when I discovered that my entire diatribe was based on a misunderstanding. I straight-up just had the basic facts wrong, and as a result, the entire, carefully crafted and – trust me – stunningly elegant post had to be scrapped.


So, like any self-respecting blogger whose spouse is out of town, I took off my pants, fixed myself a glass of bourbon and a PB&J, and settled in to plot my next move. On the one hand, I lacked the willpower to face the Sisyphean task of starting another post from scratch. But on the other hand, I figured a post related to birds (as opposed to fish) was probably overdue. So here’s what I’ve got.

A couple months ago I got me a dope new camera, the Canon EOS 60D, and a 70-300mm zoom lens. Since then, I’ve been screwing around trying to photograph birds without having any idea what I’m doing – with surprisingly satisfying results. But then I had an epiphany: What’s to stop me from also shooting videos without having any idea what I’m doing?

As far as I can tell, the answer is: nothing. So lately I’ve mixed a little video into my usual regimen of spray-and-pray photography, some of which I’ll share with you below. Now, the videos are a bit shaky – that’s because this is all hand-held. I don’t use a tripod much, because I like to wander around relatively unfettered. I like that I can throw my binoculars around my neck and my camera over my shoulder, and stay nimble while I enjoy the outdoors. You know, in case I need to scale a steep concrete river bank to get the perfect shot. Or run away from street toughs.

So they’re a little shaky. But they’ll give you a very small taste of the abundant bird life in Greater L.A. Enjoy?


Laurence Butler
04/02/2013 1:14pm

I'd say those hands are pretty steady, steady enough for surgery at least. I particularly liked the low-angled BNST shots.
I feel kindred to your spray-and-pray, occasional video philosophy, and dare say I too am a disciple of the unfettered photography approach.
Perhaps it doesn't 'crush' birds as hard, but it seems to 'crush' more birds lightly.

Hardcore birding, softcore photography. Pants off to ya sir!

04/02/2013 5:45pm

Not a reaction I would've expected to inspire, but a nice compliment. Thanks!


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